Hello, friends!
We are happy to announce that we have successfully completed a series of improvements to the Configshop service, which means that our private configs for Linken Sphere are now even better!

What's new?
1. Config names have been improved, now they match the OS/Browser.
2. The long-awaited selection of configs with the Firefox browser has appeared.
3. There is a selection by the version of the operating system for Android, iPhone, Windows configs.
4. Now the navigator.deviceMemory parameter in our configs is set to random instead of false (one more difference between our product and the configs from the official shop and the Linken Sphere generator).
5. From this moment on, the WebGL version is correctly taken from the client device.
6. Not only the assortment of configs has been significantly increased, but also their volume, now all positions are available even though they are sold out usually.
7. The list of crypto-currencies accepted for payment was expanded (Ethereum, Litecoin) - it became even more convenient to pay for them.

We are constantly improving our service, which is why we are recommended for effective work with the Linken Sphere browser!