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Increase the efficiency of work with any services.
What we offer
Windows configurations
(with selection by OS version)

Windows Chrome
Windows Opera
Windows Firefox
Mobile configurations
(with selection by OS version)

iPhone Safari
iPad Safari
Android Chrome
MacOS configurations
(with selection by OS version)

Mac Chrome
Mac Opera
Mac Safari
Mac Firefox
Test Configuration for Free

We are ready to provide you with a configuration for testing free!

Please contact us for details.
Prices and terms of sales

Random - 2$/config.
With selection by OS/Browser - 3$/config.

Minimal package is 5 configs.
Payment Methods

1. Cryptocurrency
2. Qiwi.
3. Any other method of payment, by agreement.
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What is the config made of?
The configuration is a customized session in Linken Sphere.
The config includes - Useragent, resolution, WebGL settings, Navigator settings, HTTP headers, fonts, plugins, etc.
(In other words, a complete, ready-to-use imprint of a real device).
Why do configs help to improve efficiency?
Each config has a unique set of parameters. Configs are obtained from real user devices and are sold strictly in one hands. In combination, these factors allow you to easily bypass the antifrod system.

For comparison: all users have access to configs from the built-in Linken Sphere generator, and each config there is used several hundred times. We sell strictly in one hands, which allows us to keep the uniqueness of the config.
How are we different from the official Linken Sphere configshop?
In comparison to the official configshop we have:
  1. Updates are not frequent in the official сonfigshop (once every few months), we only do this.
  2. Configs from the official configshop require a license for six months or a year - our products are available to absolutely all Linken Sphere subscribers.
  3. We can be flexible in the pricing.
  4. We provide a free test.
  5. In our configs, the navigator.deviceMemory parameter is set to random instead of false.
  6. Wider list of currencies accepted for payment (we accept QIWI/LTC/ETH/BTC, in official shop BTC and Webmoney from $500 are accepted).
  7. Operative replacements and moneyback.
How to import configs?
After we send the configs, you can import them as follows:
  1. Menu(three stripes in the upper right corner)>Shared sessions>Import.
  2. In Menu>Session manager you will be able to see the configs.
  3. Specify the proxy in the session(config) settings, click the check proxy/geo button, then Save, and you can get started.
Important: at least one session in the Linken Sphere must be created for successful import!
Why is there no selection by country?
Configs are not geolocation refferenced.
All parameters, by which it is possible to determine whether a config belongs to any location (coordinates, language, time zone) are automatically adjusted to the proxy geolocation after pressing the "Check proxy/Geo" button.
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